General Dni + Spacehey Dni because ermmmmmmy Dni list is detailed

I listen to a lot of music of any type of genres to be honest, and deep dive into the creators of the music or just the music in general because yes.

Poetry is something I like doing sometimes, it doesn’t really make sense but yk isn’t that what poetry’s about!

Movies are also awesome, watch The prestige 


about me

It’s the paper that’s always shoved in my backpack, nice to see you again old buddy

My name is Eliza, I go by any pronouns that are not Neos or Xenos 

I’m thirteen and Biracial 

I stay inside most of the time watching movies and listening to CDs, but when I do touch grass I go out to my local playground 

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May 2 2011



music wall

She's Kerosene

The Interrupters



Eye of the Tiger


show your working out!

Credits towards the Patrick stump and Joe Trohman gif:

Chemevan on Tumblr

( awesome artist jddhsbahsh)